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Marking the 14 days of consistent showing up for this blog

This one is not going to be long because the writer’s block as they call is happening to me too. Today, however, we are at the 15th post on this blog! It is the 15th time in a row where I came through for myself in consistent showing up, writing, editing, adding and posting. Yay!

During this process, I’ve also learnt things behind the scenes. For example: how to work a server (plesk interface) and a database (phpMyAdmin) and I’m quite happy with my progress of understanding the whole “blog” system.


So I’ve realised that there are probably about a billion things you can do technically on a blog. And then another billion for promoting it, etc. So I am not going there right now and I am not even looking at what, how and where to do all that. My main goal is just to be consistent and show up.

that's all folks !

As this is my own website (by this I mean it is my own domain with .com on an external server) I want to take time to fully understand its functioning before I go into the deep decorative and more fun parts (colours, widgets, etc.).

what’s next

My main goal would be to showcase my computer skills, my creative part and writing knowledge through this blog. These are all I’d like to work on.

There are a few specifics that I’d like to tackle eventually too:

  • transitioning towards an https site (but it costs money, so I am still hesitating)
  • including more photos
  • creating mobile-first version of the website and look into responsive design
  • learn about UI/UX, I feel like it’s something I could be good at

I’ve got much more but for the next 14 days 🙃, this is more than enough.

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