The 3 songs that make me feel good in June 2018

Do you ever get sad and you want to stay in the miserable state? No? Just me?

Anyways, sometimes when I feel bad, I don’t want to listen to positive songs and feel better. I want to stay in the sadness to avoid pushing through, the uncomfortableness of  it. On other occasions, a feel-good song is soooo very welcome. One of my fav habits is listening to energising songs in the morning.

Without any further fluff, these are my 3 favourite songs of June 2018.


1. Arrasando by Thalia

Confession time: some people miight have started to hate this song because of me. I keep on loving it. There’s great truth in the lyrics, the melody is incredibly energising and Thalia just look amazing! I love the positive feeling that arises in me as soon as I put it on😊.

It’s unbelievable how one song can make you feel so good. Listen (and watch!) it below.

Also, any other song by Thalia are great. Just a few examples are Mujer Latina, A quien Le Importa, Piel Morena & Amar Sin Ser Amada.

2. 1 2 3 by Sofia Reyes & Jason Derulo

As much as I find the official video (click on the above text) strange, I LOVE when it appears as a zumba choreography, that you can learn from below.

It is my go-to song in the morning. I’ve realised dancing zumba just makes me happy. And what better than to wake up and feel happy 5 minutes after? I put it on while I prepare my morning lemon water/matcha cup and dance away.

Happy 😊.

3. Came Here For love by Sigala and Ella Eyre

Alright, this one I came to love. It was an essential part of BodyAttack session, a cardio choreography that is available at my local gym. It is part of Les Mills brand. This workout takes everything from you and that’s why I started by hating it.

Soon after, I couldn’t get it out of my head as I felt good every time I finished a session. Finally, I saw the wonderful colourful video and now, it’s a favourite.

See it for yourself:


Now it doesn’t matter anymore if it’s raining. It’s just a matter of choosing the right songs to fight back! And put play!

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