The dreaded morning ritual or the golden hours

For anyone that is at least familiar with the concept of a morning ritual, you know what this post could be about. For others, I am explaining myself right now so advanced, skip to the third paragraph.

1. The beloved concept of a morning ritual

The morning hours ritual is a set of predetermined actions that are destined to fire you up for the day ahead. It’s actually a very interesting part of the day to study but sometimes it just rings crap. I just want to wake up and do whatever. The morning ritual directs your thoughts and actions into a smaller channel to predict and plan the day in order to achieve your most important goals and to be in good shape mentally when doing so.

Why I hate the morning ritual concept? I mean, I don’t really, I just find it very glamorised and over the top. People promising god knows what advances in your professional life, a higher consciousness almost when actually it is just some habits, put together that make you more efficient.

1.1 the golden rule

I can give you examples of what successful people do in the morning or you can google it yourself but in most cases it goes something like this:

  • wake up early

Early is a completely subjective word. The CEO of Yahoo is supposed to be waking up at 3:30 in the morning, Elon Musk probably doesn’t even sleep more than a few hours at once, but most “experts” or self development coaches suggest waking up around 5 (Robin Sharma) or two hours before you have to leave the house (Brian Tracy). I mean it’s tricky with all the people who have now started to work remotely and don’t leave the house during the day (I wouldn’t recommend that either, humans need social interaction). But anyways the point of this one is simply like this: you wake up before most other people and you have a few minutes for yourself. This way you can calm down and think of things that make you happy, inspire you etc.

So honestly, after having said all that, I think waking up early could be beneficial but you kind of have to find your reason why. What nice thing you could think about at that time that would make your day better? I feel like there is no “right” way to start the day, try a few things out and see what works for you.

2. what your morning ritual could include

Clearly, if you have two hours before going anywhere, there are some things you could do. This is what is suggested with a few thrown in that I sometimes do:

  • drink warm lemon water
  • have a nice calm coffee or matcha tea, my fave momentarily
  • dance to a zumba choreography (am I weird for doing it this? It wakes me up, I only need 3 minutes and I love it. So, no, I guess I don’t mind if you disagree)
  • read something inspirational or motivational in your field of interest (sometimes I go for parts of Law or Success or Think and Grow Rich)
  • dedicate half an h to reading on a topic that interests you and you want to excel at: I’m interested in SEO now for example
  • workout – full on workout for the day – a great habit but requires lots of sacrifice and dedication
  • prepare some food to take with you (Mum’s doing)
  • write down your main goals
  • decide on main tasks to de done in the day and its importance; you could start with the hardest one which supposedly gives the best aftertaste in terms of energy level for the day but I’m not there yet
  • you could stretch to get the blood flowing
  • don’t forget breakfast

And your morning is done. As you can see, this process could take you a whole day to carry out and that is not the point. The point is to put yourself in a place of calmness and positive energy for the day.

3. my morning ritual or little habits i have

So I do just a few of these currently, I’ve tried quite a few others in the past and could talk on it in another post but here are the few I have become accustomed to so they don’t require real energy from me, I just do them.

Wake up -> lemon water & matcha -> write down goals & tasks -> sometimes some journaling, reading -> dance off with zumba (recent habit I discovered works for me) -> do the day, preferably by going out as I mostly don’t need to. With all that not employed status and all.

All in all, this post was meant to shed a little light onto the fact that a morning ritual can be good but it doesn’t have to be a half of your effort of the day. See what habits you could implement in the morning to have a nicer day and don’t keep anything that doesn’t respond to your body. A good example is working out in the morning. There are great benefits to working in the morning before breakfast but if you’ve tried and just plain hate it, ditch it in the morning and go when your day energy is better. It is important that you workout though from time to time :).

With that said, have a nice day because the morning is DONEĀ ✅.


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