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Gotcha matcha and why I believe it can replace drinking coffee

Spoiler alert: I am not suggesting you abandon you dear friend coffee ☕. I’m simply offering a warm alternative in the shape of matcha 🍵!

This post is really not about judgments or orders, it’s just about how a found a good alternative for coffee that you might enjoy as well. Just today, I heard this word that I liked, complementarity. It’s not about eliminating, it’s about finding products that can help you maintain balance and could be used interchangeably. This one is about a green tea powder, also known under the name of matcha!

1. How i got hooked on Matcha

You might have heard about it. It’s been popular on pinterest and in the “trendy” USA places (just like avocado all of a sudden became a craze) like LA. The trend is not just the product itself, it’s about anything you could make from it, mostly because of its vibrant green colour. “Matcha latte”, “matcha mug cake”, “matcha brownies”, sounds familiar? You can basically make anything more exciting in green :D.

As a moth, I was also attracted to light. I first researched,

I soon bought and finally, excitedly I tried.

For me, it was one of these products that you either like or dislike right away. In my case, as you might suspect, I liked it. I guess the only thing that I would suggest to a newbie is taking a few moments to first, understand the product, what it’s used for and how (especially the quantities) and then, very soon, start experimenting with any other fancysh recipes that you like (pinterest is a great source of these).

2. why i think you should try matcha

It is very simple, it makes me feel good. It has this property that makes your energy go up slowly, remain softly and slowly decrease. With coffee, your energy shots up, remains for some time, allows you to be “on beat” and then sometimes you crash. Consequently, I feel it’s matcha that has a competitive edge here.

It’s history and how it’s made is impressive as well but this is not the main point of this blog post. And the video I included above can answer your questions on the topic.

My morning drink to wake me up graduallyNot in the mood to try new things
Balanced energy for the daySaving money (it's not the most affordable product in the worlds)
A pick-up and not a sudden wake up
Eliminating the after-coffee "crash"
An alternative to coffee


3. try matcha if you want

  • your morning drink to wake you up gradually
  • balanced energy for a certain period of time during the day
  • you don’t like the coffee “crash” especially when you are already tired
  • if you need a pick-up not a rude wake up
  • calm energy for long creative work

4. avoid matcha if

  • you are against trying new things (as it needs some preparation time the first few times you do it. I’d suggest a weekend morning not a normal Monday)
  • you’re saving money 💰 (it’s rather expensive)

The only consolation that I can offer is that it lasts for a LONG time and that high price means high quality.

Thanks for reading, here are a two examples of my morning matcha cups:


Gotcha matcha!


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