How I find great movies to watch

It is one of those “unnecessary” talents that I have, like ordering the best dish in a restaurant. I have a talent for identifying great movies.

  1. finding great movies to watch is time-consuming

Yep. It takes time. A regular “let me find a great movie to watch” session can take up to 30 minutes, depending on my mood. Rarely do I settle to watch just whatever. I like to research a great movie to watch. It fills me with great joy.

So a few pointers to find great movies to watch:

  • be me
  • lol
  • the right keywords

Although I sometimes stumble uponĀ great finds, most movies that I decide to watch go through a tough selection process. Oh yes, I like to make trailers work it first. This is referring to the fact that before watching a movie I will, in the majority of times, watch its trailer first.

My process goes a little bit like this: I write one of the following in the Google bar:

  • movies with *insert actresses name*

This is how I got to see The Good Girl (Jennifer Aniston), Wild (Reese Witherspoon). Great movies, I recommend.

  • movie type *insert genre*

“best drama movies” Australia, Gone GIrl.

  • best movies of *insert year*
  • best movies of *a recognised event* (ex: oscars 2014 – Dallas Buyers Club)

That will be a good start.

Also recommendations from people who are in the “know”: first time I saw Fight Club I was completely crushed. A-M-A-Z-E-D.

Also, things you “stumble upon” on Netflix – I am looking at you Casa de Papel, completely genius and addictive series.

Ahh, I love watching series and movies.

Hope the little pointers help you find some great movies to watch.

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