Hunger Games & what I would watch instead

While trying to maintain balance throughout the day, my day finished by watching the Hunger Games for the first time. Here goes my first movie review.

Not so impressed. I’ve heard of the Hunger Games before and I’ve always mixed them up with the Game of Thrones, assuming it was about some medieval stuff. Hunger Games was less of that except the clothing within the 12th district. Most of it happens in a closed up forest that represents a gladiators arena where young people are forced to kill each other.

I’m not about to recommend you the movie, anyone can make their own choice. I can just tell you that the trilogy book series on which the film is based outsold Harry Potter.

I was overall unimpressed by the movie because of its easy approach to the story. Whenever the main character needed something, it dropped out of the sky, death of others was completely unimportant and their lives didn’t really matter. Mostly they seemed like killing machines but then again we only saw half of 24 contestants as many got killed right away.

It’s been pointed out to me that the story can be perceived as much more political and applicable to real live than I had imagined. The poor district goes on to a journey to win to give others hope. The struggle of some can be a form of entertainment to others.

Recently, I’ve also seen the series Suits, which interestingly enough, seems to represent something similar. How any position one obtains can be threatened quickly, how money and position in the society gives you power or at least a great illusion of it, how the struggle is constant and real.

So maybe even if my first impression of Hunger Games wasn’t the greatest, I recognise it could have an interesting explanation. The movie made me think of the trilogy movies┬áDivergent that I absolutely loved, District 13 and In Time. I liked these three more. Do with it as you see fit.

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