Why immediate results don’t matter

There I go again. Another diet. Another Monday. Another Sunday evening when I tell myself, this week, this week it’s going to be different. I have a plan. I will be super efficient, I will be extra productive, I will accomplish all that I am able of.

In theory, it sounds great. It’s dreamy and ideal.

It’s also completely unrealistic.

You can’t maintain your mood 100% positive all the time. There will be obstacles and sometimes you just won’t feel like it.

The thing that counts instead is consistency. The thing that allows you to achieve big goals are boring everyday habits. Searching for a job an hour daily, learning about a topic you are interested, writing the long and seemingly unending thesis. In a year though, you can become an expert on any matter.

You see, when you look at a full weekend of effort and action, it isn’t bad. It is great. It makes you go from A to D instead of B. But over time, it goes away. You forget about it. And those 20 full on hours are nothing but a faint memory.

When you are able to maintain a little habit daily, that’s when in time you will get to Z.

In three months a habit is fixed, in six months you see visible and undeniable results and in a year, forget about it, you overtake 95% of the people in the game.

Extremely successful people don’t see immediate results as the main game result. It is only one game, and you are here to win the battle. You stand (or sit) here to construct the castle that you will reign in, protect it from unwanted visitors and remain, maintain and persist.

That is the big picture.

The big ones, the people with wealth over 200 million (Tony Robbins), over 3 billion (Paul Tudor Jones), they look not only at decades, they see their companies persisting into the next 100 years. Here to stay forever.

A good example is also Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba group. He was a teacher for twenty years before forming Alibaba in 1999. Today, as of March 2018, his net worth is over 42 billion dollars.

Remember, (or don’t, it’s a free country): “Most people overestimate what they can do in a year and they underestimate what they can do in two or three decades.”

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