Inconsistency of the SEO world

Today, I’ve been working on topics from job research to writing my master’s thesis. You see, my thesis is on the topic I also want experience on, search engine optimisation. And while #djob position is not filled yet, I continue learning about SEO.

Today’s research has shown me that consistency is not really a part of the SEO world. I’ve been looking at strategies to implement SEO on my website(s) and criteria that allow websites to rank well.

It’s a big unorganised pile of things.

From the standpoint of a beginner, I now understand why companies don’t want to employ beginners in this sector. *How else are we to learn? By ourselves.* Having gone through different articles on this topic on, search engine watch, search engine journal and others that popped up, I read about a multitude of supposed ranking factors. I say supposed because they are hard to prove, even for professionals. And so a certain amount of faith must be there when looking for “the” strategy that will optimise a website well.

In general, there were some factors that popped up more than others. I will call them relevant because they come from different sources of information and seem to give a more consistent view on the situation. Some learnings:

  • in 2018, quality matters even more (than quantity)
  • https websites get more considered than http
  • domain authorities rank better and can improve their rankings faster

I’m putting this post out to keep writing and keep popping up.

Until soon

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