How to maintain balance in life

A few words on maintaining balance.

  1. A short introduction

What comes to your mind when thinking about balance in life? For me, it is a tricky topic. It is an elusive concept because time never stands still and things are always changing. You can’t find balance and keep it in a box. It is like Heraclitus said: “You could not step twice into the same river.” Things change as seconds go by and so┬áthe concept of balance is the same, constantly changing.

But why is it important then? Why search for balance in your life?


I know why it is important for me. When I feel balanced, I think clearer and am more positive. I am more self-confident and less risk-averse. I am more likely to work towards my goals and be kind to myself and those around me. I get more done and I feel better about myself in general.

That said, finding balance and maintaining it is┬ásomething I struggle with. It is why it is also a topic I am passionate about. Because it influences all areas of my life, I recognize that it is important. I am working on it. The last few keywords that I’ve used to encourage balance in my life were consistency, moderation, imperfection and calmness. It is hard. I am working on them by the very fact that I am writing this without trying to make it perfect.

3. A few suggestions to maintain balance in your life

So how do I look for balance in my life?

  • working out
  • eating more mindfully
  • journaling
  • meditation
  • talking to people
  • listening to positive audiobooks

And these fail too. Especially when I don’t do them.

And all I am saying today is, I will do a little more of each. That is all. Just a little more.




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