Little morning habits to feel positive right away

It starts with little habits:

  • drinking lemon water with warm water ASAP
  • positive youtube videos / audios (Tony Robbins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brian Tracy)
  • reading books with positive energy (Law of Success)
  • dancing and learning zumba choreography to wake up in a nice manner are really get awake (song 1 2 3 by Mundo Guyi on youtube)
  • listening to empowering songs that make me happy such as Arrasando by Thalia (and others by Thalia as well as some by Paulina Rubio like Baila Casanova)
  • writing down my main goals
  • writing down my daily tasks
  • reading travel blog posts (they inspire me)
  • do my bed? – am not a 100% on this one

I don’t do all and I don’t plan to every morning but the more I do them and even just doing a few or just one of this helps with my day starting well and in a positive manner.

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