My honest opinion on being Slovene in France

As a person who’s spent approximately 4 full years in France as a student and currently, job-seeker, I feel like I can give an honest opinion on being Slovenian or Slovene (person, who is comes from Slovenia) in France.

  1. The honest confusion with Slovakia

No matter what, many people will first attempt to situate Slovenia in the East Europe. Officially, Slovenia is part of Central Europe but you know what, I can understand you don’t know what. I wouldn’t either if I weren’t Slovene. No hard feelings.

Also, I confirm that Slovakia and Slovenia, they sound very similar. And in the languages themselves. If u say in Slovak: “slovensko” it means the Slovak language and in Slovenia it means a Slovenian thing.

2. Who are you?

I feel like there is no real identity that is behind Slovenia when I mention it in France and it could be partly my fault. As a foreigner, I should be able to argument my origins well and promote my country to the best of my abilities. It’s not as if it were New Zealand which most people 1. recognise, 2. can situate geographically, 3. associate with beautiful nature and mountains if nothing else, 4. dream to travel one day.

3. what are you worth?

Either there is no association to what I am worth as a Slovene person when people don’t know it or it goes under the Soviet communistic part and is assumed as poor, “non-European”, part of Europe.

I feel it could be good to present my country, promote and present but also quite a job to actually clearly define where, we are, what we do and how we are.

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