What SEO is all about

I’m writing my master thesis on SEO. And, I’m a beginner.

I’m fascinated by all that you can do when you have the right SEO for a website. You get traffic, you get return visitors and people buy your products if they start trusting you and feel you are credible.

I find it really cool because you could be whoever and with constant great quality and customer and search engine understanding you could build a successful online business.

Why I feel that it is so cool is because having an online business could allow you to:

  1. work remotely
  2. travel while working
  3. move and keep your job

SEO is like this sort of mysterious (and somewhat magical) ingredient to make a website stand out from the competition and show your character to the world. I like that.

What SEO is really about comes down to two things:

  • technical optimisation (which can be perceived as a more geeky aspect, with some programming – it’s a more exact science so to say)
  • content marketing (writing for the people who are searching for solutions to their problems)


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