Why and how I make myself go to the gym

Hanna Eden from bodybuilding.com preaches find your reason or #fyr.

1. when you don’t feel like going to the gym

Because when rainy days come and you are feeling unmotivated, there are high chances you will find your excuses NOT to go to the gym. The last two days this was true and the rain and no motivation are persisting!

I mostly walk to the gym. It takes me approximately 20 minutes. I use the time to listen to some motivational tracks or highly energising music. I’ll make a list, maybe you’ll discover new artists.

So today it went a little differently. I knew two days was a complete maximum of not going before becoming pure lazy (you know the feeling when you are, ah, it doesn’t matter if I never go again, I’ve already missed two) and thankfully I’ve agreed with a buddy to go so I really had no chance not to. I am a person who is afraid of disappointing others so this kind of forcing technique works well on me.

In the last moments before going (and this was really last moments as in, will I be late if I pretend for two more minutes that I am actually not going to the gym and I’m going somewhere else?) I was still hesitating.

2. my pre-workout ritual aka. I am going to the gym after all

Things got better as soon as I went on to execute my pre-workout ritual.

  • coffee
  • put on motivational tracks or energising songs
  • dress comfortably
  • go, go now!
  • don’t be late because you will not be in the right state of mind or high on energy

As soon as I heard my current favourite song 1 2 3 Step by Sofia Reyes & Jason Derulo I was READY! Continuing on with some latin sounds and finishing up with an Arnold Schwarzenegger motivational talk, I kicked ass in the BodyAttack class today!

3. it’s worth going to the gym

But let me tell you about the real reason why. It was this little moment of happiness. Something to remember. Not even halfway through the workout, a few people were asked to get on the stage and participate with the class instructor and all other started encouraging them, whistling 😗¬†and screaming. I don’t think I am able to accurately convey how that moment felt me but it was just such an amazing moment that it completely made up for the struggle before the gym. It made me happy and fulfilled and grateful and so very content I’ve gone.

going to the gym

These little moments, that come and wash you over in such a positive way are really the ones to write about. They are the ones to keep in mind (or in your journal) and relive when things are boring and you don’t feel like going to the gym.


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