Day 2 of SEO learnings

Today I spent less time immersing myself in SEO content, approximately one hour.

I’ve realised reflecting on what I learn and thinking about it would do me good. Alongside with going through my notes it allows me to retain bits of information I find particularly useful and actionable. As a beginner a steep learning curve is ahead of me. That said, I don’t want to go through huge amounts of theory without implementing and testing at least some things.

What I read up on today were chapters on trustworthy resources on SEO and the myths of SEO. The latter chapter felt only moderately useful. A chapter that tickled my interest was the one on search engines. Three that I found cool were bing, yandex and baidu. Bing offers a different way of doing SEO which is relatively easier compared to Google. Yandex is the main Russian search engine and Baidu Chinese. Just seeing other options than the regular English, I felt compelled to learn Russian and become proficient in Mandarin. I used to learn Mandarin and I miss it.

I used the same e-book as yesterday.

I have a few actionable tips which I added to my notes.

That will be all for today.

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