Day 4 of SEO learnings

Today, I took approximately one hour to further my knowledge in SEO. I started with the new e-book Complete SEO Guide by Search Engine Journal, which feels more exact and professional compared to the one I started with. I thought I would be overwhelmed with the new knowledge but I enjoy it more and more and am looking forward to reading more.

In the Complete SEO Guide I jumped over to chapters that enticed me, starting by 9 KPIs to follow in SEO and the chapter just after. I was travelling so measuring time I spent reading and taking notes was cut into pieces but I also had other tasks to accomplish for the day so I am content with the amount that I did.

I also wish to pursue blogging as a full-time career eventually and even though I don’t know yet when this “eventually” might happen I’m wondering how I could implement SEO  into this journey. I read that SEO really doesn’t matter at the start but it is something I am interested in so I’ll have to give this some thought.

Having said all that, I have more than a handful of actionable items for this blog (regarding SEO as well as blogging in general) which I wish to start implementing sometime this week. I might even write a blog post on how I order them by priority based on what I’ve learnt so far.

That’s all for today, folks!

P.s. I still can’t forget about baidu and how awesome it would be to work on Chinese SEO in Mandarin 🤩.

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