Day 7 of SEO learnings

So I heard there was this girl who reads my blogs sometimes.. Feeling good, feeling good. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better person to care about what I’m trying to do here.

I still use this website as my own refugee, not something to show around but something to cherish on my own. I am still working on it and feeling the all too known feeling “it’s not perfect yet!”. But I’m here and I’m game!

What would be cool, would be to have what they can the portfolio website – sort of like LinkedIn for freelancers where instead of describing work experience you show products that you’ve created. Ideally, I’d love it to be the website to show potential employers that would make them offer me a job on the spot. But I’d like to be blown away by my actions as well.

So these are some reason on why I’m continuing on here (may possibly start writing in French to market myself better). Consistency is apparently the key to all (like that’s news to us!) and I’m going with it. Yesterday, I spend 1h on SEO-ing.

I read an article here and there since the last time I wrote here (over a week ago; can you believe how fast time goes?? Not to mention January is finito, done, gone, no more) but I didn’t do anything very substantial. I saved bookmarks mostly. So then yesterday I looked at how to create a niche siteĀ which is intriguing and different from what I was expecting it to be. Still, I feel there is valuable information there. Whenever I let myself dream I also check out the Wifi Tribe, in hopes of living “that” life “one day”. They even have similar logos.

logos side by side
My attempt at showing you how the two logos of Location Rebel and Wifi Tribe are similar by putting them side by side in gimp. Can you tell I’m a beginner? (this imperfection took me an hour)

After you’ve recovered from my abysmal graphic skill let’s get onto the second part of my “learnings”. First, I started a tutorial on SEO which felt outdated so then I went on to Google’s Webmaster siteĀ and read exactly 2 paragraphs before my alotted time ran out.

I’m her again today. No plan whatsoever on what I’m gonna work on today but I have more than a list of tasks to accomplish blog related or not. Also, how cool is it to say blog? Your own little space in this world.

Stay…consistent! (what a boring word though)

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