This is the first blog post on my website in 2019. Wow. Just reading this fills me with happiness and hope. Why? It has probably been over 10 years since I’ve wanted to do “something” with blogging. I find it cool, different and unique.

My first thoughts on writing this blog post of the year were:

  • “will I make this whole blogging thing work this year?”
  • “this better be the best one ever because it is first and it’s super important”
  • “this will probably be a bad one because I know that there is so much I don’t know about writing blog posts”

But my current thoughts go something like this: “Well, this is really cool. I am writing the first blog post of the year. I am talking about a topic I find interesting. What’s not to like?”

With that said, I better finish off this first post of 2019 before I change my mind and delete it all^^

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