My learnings about SEO basics

Today, I spent approximately 3 hours improving my knowledge on SEO.

I did three things :

  • I read a part of the e-book SEO 101, writen by SEJ (available here)
  • I executed a keyword research on BuzzSumo (BuzzSumo is a tool that analyzes content that performs well)
  • I am sharing what I did in this blog post, with a focus on being brief and exact

First, I read the chapter on history of SEO. SEO started existing earlier than I assumed. It also seems complex. It is scary on one hand but exciting on the other because it means it’s never boring.

Next, I glanced over the definition of SEO by people working in the field and commonly used terms, related to SEO. The chapter that caught my attention was the one discussing tools for keyword research. The first one mentioned was BuzzSumo so I executed a search for the term “keeping balance”, related to what I want to be discussing on this blog. I found that the term is used to refer to life and work balance but also to physical balance, such as standing on one leg and “keeping balance”. People use a different combination of words to look for the topic I am interested in. “Keeping life in balance” works better.

Analysis of the term “keeping balance in life” on BuzzSumo


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